Just outside the town of Stonehouse in Gloucestershire there is a very special site.

Set in 32 acres in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Standish Park’s stunning grounds are on a hillside rich with rare trees and an abundance of wildlife. Until eleven years ago it was home to a very popular hospital but, despite huge opposition from a local community which cherishes the place, it was closed and no viable use has been found for the site until now.

Today this much loved community asset is at a crossroads. Unless a use can be found for the site which includes the restoration of its listed buildings, it will be handed over to a developer who will cover the site with enough speculative housing to generate the £5M in profits needed to bring the listed buildings back into use.

Stroud Common Wealth, along with many local people, believes that to build the hundreds of new homes needed to pay for the restoration would be a sad end to this extraordinary place.

Instead, it proposes to use most of the existing buildings to create three special kinds of housing, leaving the gardens, ponds and woods as they are and with no new buildings at all. There will be a co-housing project, a form of housing which has been successfully pioneered here in Stroud since 2001.

There will also be an entirely new concept: Care-housing, based on an extension of the collaborative principles of co-housing, and providing supported independent living for care-receivers and care-givers.

And the third type of housing will be a co-operative housing group, Stroud Harbour Community, who provide affordable homes for those on low incomes.


Stroud Common Wealth proposes to answer two needs...

The securing of the Standish site for the community – in perpetuity – and the provision of sustainable and affordable homes for carers and others who could not otherwise afford them.

Not a single speculative, “executive” type house in sight.


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